Sunday, March 20, 2011

Poem by Persian poet Hafiz

At a dear friend's Nowruz (Persian New Year) celebration, our host invited each guest to read a poem. Those who forgot to bring one (me) shared the Persian poet Hafiz's book, The Gift. We read whichever poem appeared on the page when randomly opening the book, and the poem I discovered made an interesting connection to our upcoming travels.


We are at
The Nile's end.

We are carrying particles
From every continent, creature, and age.

It has been raining on the plains
Of our vision for millions of years

And our senses
Are so muddy compared to Yours, dear God,

But I only hear these words from You
Where we are all trying to embrace
the Clear Sky-Ocean,

Dear one, come.

My dear ones,


  1. This poem in conjunction with your journey brings tears to my eyes. I'm so excited for and proud of you as you embark on this adventure! --Andi

  2. Thanks for the wonderful poem...I hope you can get to Tahrir Square and meet people from the April 6 movement! All the very best, Tina