Friday, April 15, 2011

Student Questions about Egypt

I asked students to share questions about Egypt, and wanted to post so I remember to ask them all. They're thoughtful and perceptive...

• How did the revolution affect your daily life?
• You have now started other countries wanting to try for change. Do you believe that other countries (like the US) should get involved to support these revolutionary movements (for example, in Libya)?
• Have the people of Egypt developed a new form of government with a new constitution?
• How affected is youth by what's happened with the revolution? How many are in support of it?
• Do young Egyptian women feel equal in society?
• What do Egyptians think about law enforcement in Egypt?
• Are school days like we have here in the US? What time does school start and end? Do they have each class every day or every other day?
• What are typical or favorite foods in Egypt?
• If you could go back a few months, would you support the revolution again?
• What is the biggest change for you (in your life) since the revolution?
• What kind of music do you like to listen to?
• What are the fashion trends for young women in Egypt?
• What high school sports are played (if any)? Are there any sports that are unique to Egypt?
• Do people pay as much attention to sports in Egypt as we do? Are there rivalries as big as the Red Sox and the Yankees?
• What do students like to do in their free time?
• What kind of music do students listen to?
• What effect did the revolution have on the sports culture? (rivalries, delays, etc.)
• Do Egyptians ever watch American sports like basketball or (American) football?
• What is a common career that many people want to have? (medical, military, politics, etc)
• Do you feel safer since the revolution (the end of the Mubarak regime)?

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