Thursday, April 28, 2011

We'll start our journey in Cairo...

Sat. 4/16 - Arrive mid-day - afternoon in museums
Sun. 4/17 - Pyramids in Giza and Saqqara
Mon. 4/18 - Tour Coptic Christian and Jewish Cairo
Tues. 4/19 - Tour Medieval Cairo + visit charitable organization
Wed. 4/20 - Visit an Egyptian school
Thurs. 4/21 - Meetings on domestic and foreign policy
Fri. 4/22 - Visit Alexandria
Sat. 4/23 - Museums and meeting on Egyptian society

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  1. Are there western chains like McDonald's in Cairo?

  2. Hope you have a blast Mrs. Sanders! What is the split up of religions, Chrsitian/Muslim/Jewish in Egypt? Do they all speak arabic or some english? Can't wait to see the video when you come back!

  3. Amy, somehow I just didn't connect that you were leaving so soon. I will frequent your blog as you become even more knowledgeable than you already are! This first hand experience will be priceless.

  4. Hi Amy,looks great so far, especially the bread, felafel (yum--which Randa introduced us to so long ago) and pyramids! Way to reach out and touch history! Have fun!

  5. Great photos that bring back wonderful memories. You have done a fabulous job capturing the essence of Cairo. My favorite so far, 0% Sale!

  6. Beautiful photos and interesting observations, Amy. You saw so much more than a tourist would. I want to make Cairo of my destinations too now.

  7. it looks like a very interesting trip, thanks for share

  8. I really wanted to visit Egypt, a country rich in history and mystery.

  9. egypt is wonderful conutry with great history